Russian Field Diadem - Viktor Nikolayev & Gennady Alexakhin

Title: Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
Artist: Cinema Bizarre
Played: 139 times

I can’t hear the sceneries
Of constant tragedies
Of what I meant to feel no more
'cause I'm already dead
And I just cannot bear
To hear another word no more

Dear followers. I would like to make a little announcement.

Probably I will stop posting or even blogging. The reasons are:

- I am busy with my work

-problems with the Internet

-I am feeing sick about my homeland. It makes me very depressed. I have almost no mood or wish to post anything.

So, it may be the end. I can not say anything for sure. I hope you will understand me. 

My best wishes to you all. Stay safe and sound.


“My soul is in the sky.” — William Shakespeare (via wooden-folks)

Isabelle Adjani in Paris, 1974. Photo by Claude Azoulay